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Portfolio Manager - Listed Equity

Employment Type: Part-time / Full-time

Seniority Level: Mid-Senior Level

Location: Remote

About Us

Sterling Oak Group (SOG) is a European investment firm founded in 2015 and based in Vienna, Austria.

We provide expertise and innovative solutions in the areas of asset management (venture capital, hedge funds, crypto), wealth management (tailored solutions for FOs and HNIs), and corporate finance (execution of direct investments and sell-sidesupport).

The wealth management team of SOG helps FOs and HNIs allocate capital with a long-term investment horizon by constructing future-proof portfolios with exposure to listed equity, hedge fund strategies, venture capital, private equity, and crypto assets. The team actively manages clients' portfolios in line with clients' investment objectives and our investment philosophy.

Our investment philosophy is based on a Barbell Strategy with tail risk exposure compared to Classical Models of diversification (60% Bonds, 40% Stocks). We adhere t obattle-tested principles instead of quant models to provide us the necessary degree of freedom in determining tactical portfolio allocation in various scenariosof market environment.

Who are we looking for?

SOG is looking for an experienced Portfolio Manager with a focus on listed global equity to join the wealth management team. The candidate is expected to be accountable for carrying out the research under pinning the strategy, implementing trading ideas, and managing clients’ portfolios of listed equities.

The ideal candidate has a long-term investor mindset, is passionate about investing, proactively enhances own principles and tools, and is willing to contribute to the development of investment strategies. We want someone who understands and is able to navigate the new regime of financial markets driven by the Japanification of markets, asymmetric volatility, and the rise of a new generation of retail investors.

Main responsibilities:

●Perform operational portfolio management tasks, includingportfolio monitoring, risk

management, tactical allocation, and rebalancing

●Generate ideas, analyse, and select equities and otherinvestment opportunities

●Carry out trades in clients’ portfolios in line withan investment policy

●Check clients' transaction statements, monitor outstandingdeals and report any errors

●Produce portfolio reports and briefing notes for clientsbased on the detailed analysis of clients’ portfolios, market conditions, and economictrends

●Keep colleagues informed about clients' portfolios,reporting any changes, queries or


●Take part in client meetings and internal investmentmeetings to share information and

insights on portfolio development, macro analysisand outlook

●Contribute to development of processes to monitorand react to macro, corporate and

earnings events

●Contribute to the development of investment strategiesand products

You offer:

The Knowledge, Experience And Qualifications You Need

●Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in business, finance, investmentor a related field preferred

●Minimum of 3 years of professional investment/portfoliomanagement experience in

managing external capital with track record available

●Detailed understanding of capital markets, investmentstrategies and risk management

●Sound principles and methodologies in managing portfolioswith strong research and

analytical skills

●Active engagement with the research community

The Knowledge, Experience And Qualifications ThatWill Help

●A (partially) completed professional certificationas a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) or Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) isa plus

●Previous exposure to alternative asset classes (hedgefunds, venture capital, private

equity, crypto) is a plus


●Great communication skills in drafting reports andrecommendations as well as to clearly convey instructions and sensitive information

●Proficient in Microsoft Office, especially Excel /PowerPoint

●Proficient in written English (German is a big plus)

How to apply:

Please apply by sending an email toe.zasorin@sterling-oak.comwith your CV and a short

motivational letter.

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