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Investment Banking Off-cycle Internship - Morgan Stanley


- Gathering and synthesising financial and operating information about companies, industries and governments.

- Creating and updating financial models.

- Gathering market data to analyse trends and help value and price transactions.

- Drafting presentations and memoranda for a wider audience within the Firm and the financial services industry.

- Attending team discussions and client meetings, where you may be asked to deliver parts of a presentation.


- You have strong analytical and numerical skills that put You at ease with financial data.

- You are results-driven, and perform well under pressure and against tight deadlines.

- You are a proven team player and can manage a wide range of responsibilities.

- You have an excellent academic background and fluency in English.

- Ability to communicate effectively in multiple languages is an advantage.

- You articulate complex ideas simply and summarise them effectively.

- You are committed to excellence in your work and maintain high professional and ethical standards.

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