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Investment Analyst


SAV Group is a specialist property developer and investor established in 2014 focusing on repositioning and developing income generating residential led investment properties in London.

SAV Group has accumulated a portfolio of over 1,000 “living” units (compact flats to rent, co-living, student accommodation, extended stay aparthotels), across its properties in London. To date, we have developed extensive in-house expertise across all stages of project life cycle.

About the role

Working with the C-Suite level Executives, your role will cover all aspects relating to investment, divestment, business planning and portfolio management for SAV Group. A high level of responsibility is required to be successful in this role together with the ability to work independently.

Key Responsibilities and Activities

1. Undertake a detailed analysis of investment opportunities including initial appraisal, internal due diligence, financial modelling and writing internal investment reports.

2. Liaise with the team on sourcing and execution of new investment opportunities.

3. Assist with the due diligence and other analysis - as required.

4. Perform market research and data mining to assist in making investment decisions.

5. Support and generate new business introductions and relevant investment opportunities, including liaising and networking with external parties.

Financial Modelling

1. Designing, producing, amending and updating complex financial models (DCF, NPV, IRR etc.) for transactions, valuations, capital investment and business planning.

2. Analysis of potential/existing investments

3. Running scenario analysis on the models and producing summaries to enable decision making.

Market Analysis

1. Overseeing the collection and analysing of data on the sector to support business decisions, including monitoring competitor transactions and pricing.

2. Actively conduct research on new potential investment opportunities and the wider real estate market and undertaking the financial analysis and excel modelling.

3. Managing a workload across multiple strategic projects.

4. Ensuring the highest levels of diligence, transparency and accuracy in information.


1. Assist with reporting to different stakeholders and making presentations.

2. Collating data for and assisting in the preparation and delivery of reporting procedures.

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Education, Qualifications & Experience

• This position is suitable for a graduate, PhD graduate or someone with several years of experience.

• A degree from a reputable university or evidence of ability that demonstrates equivalent (or greater) talents and skills

• Diverse educational and work background (list below is not in a hierarchy of preference) -

a) Policy experts

b) Finance and economics


• Experience in an Investment Bank, Private Equity or Real Estate Business is beneficial.

• Willingness to improve your quantitative skills if you have not studied calculus.

• Highly proficient in Excel (VBA and financial modelling) or ability to become highly proficient.

• Strong work ethic.

Job benefits

1. Salary: £50,000 - 75,000 per annum plus bonus

2. Possibility of equity participation after 12-18 months

3. Support for continuous professional development

4. All other standard benefits (gym, phone, health insurance, etc)

Application Process

1. Email CV to

2. Numerical and logical tests

3. Screening interview

4. Case study

5. Final interview

Please note: This is a sample recruitment process; stages and order may vary

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