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Investment Analyst / Senior Investment Analyst - Supremum Capital

Supremum Capital description

Supremum Capital is looking for an Investment Analyst / Senior Investment Analyst to join our team. Supremum Capital is a Moscow-based investment company managing private equity and venture capital portfolio. We focus on investments of up to $50 million.

We are looking for a dedicated and motivated expert willing to grow in a highly professional and competitive environment.

We offer:

  • Opportunity to grow your career in the investment industry

  • Highly professional environment (alumni of JP Morgan, Barclays)

  • Competitive compensation package

  • Remarkable office location in the center of Moscow

Functional responsibilities:

  • Financial modeling, valuation and market research

  • Conducting presentations and investment memos

  • Search and analysis of new investment and business opportunities

  • Supporting M&A transactions at all stages, including due diligence processes, negotiations with potential targets, preparation of transaction documentation, etc.

  • Participation in managing current portfolio: analysis of financial and operational results, analysis of new initiatives and strategy projects in collaboration with management of portfolio companies, etc.

  • Providing analytical support to the team

Candidate requirements:

  • High GPA from TOP-tier university

  • At least 3 years of experience in IB, private equity, Big 3 or Big 4 (Corporate Finance)

  • Strong knowledge of corporate finance, financial modeling, presentations from scratch, outstanding analytical skills

  • Ability to multitask and work under pressure

  • Proactivity, self-motivation and leadership

  • Fluent English

  • CFA candidacy and passed exams as a plus


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