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Digital Asset Analyst, Wealth&Investment management research, VTB Capital Investments

Our team and environment

We are Russia’s leading asset manager, servicing global institutions and SWFs, Russian institutions, HNWs, retail investors and a rapidly growing brokerage with over 1m clients. We seek individuals with discipline, professionalism, good market instincts, collaborative abilities, inquisitiveness and open-mindedness to join a highly dynamic environment. Successful candidates have the ability to drive ideas into investment portfolios and processes, while continually learning from a diverse and experienced team of professionals.

Asset analytics (60% of time):

  • Establish objectively-based (fundamental) analytical framework for crypto currencies and other digital assets

  • Maintain rigorous understanding of technological, regulatory and other variables

  • Develop and maintain channels with key players and influencers

  • Plan, produce, and manage regular analytical products covering digital assets

Product analytics (15% of time):

  • Analyze and present pitches for digital product launches in collaboration with Head of Digital Assets

  • Collect and present market data analytics

Stakeholder engagement (25% of time):

  • Engage with clients to identify needs, present views

  • Communicate views in public and private events

Key Competencies&Qualifications:

  • High degree of technological familiarity, logical thinking, creativity

  • Demonstrated track record of working within a complex organization

  • Published research on digital assets

  • Exceptional attention to detail

  • Client engagement experience

What we are not looking for:

  • Crypto traders that have no fundamental analytical background

  • Non team-players

In case you are interested, please send your CV to Daria Korobitsina (

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