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Associate - VTB Infrastructure Holding

VTB Infrastructure Holding is the market leader in Russian infrastructure investments, focusing on strategic and commercially successful projects, based on private-public partnerships and concession agreements, and is the largest investor in Russian infrastructure. In total, since 2007 more than $18 bn has been invested in country’s infrastructure, including nearly $6,5 bn of loans and equity capital from the VTB Group.

VTB Infrastructure Holding offers a full range of financial, legal, construction, maintenance, development and engineering services for infrastructure projects. The Holding’s team has accumulated extensive expertise in transport, power, oil and gas, utilities and social infrastructure in Russia and CIS, in EU countries, North America, Asia and Africa. VTB Infrastructure Holding also provides financial consulting services out of its Moscow and London offices, and being a part of VTB Group, offers our customers the whole spectrum of banking and financial services.

VTB Infrastructure Holding’s portfolio includes more than 10 major projects that are among the largest not just in Russia, but in Europe.

VTB Infrastructure Holding companies currently employ over 7 000 people. Our team has accumulated exceptional professional expertise from working for major foreign banks and finance institutions, such as Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, JPMorgan, ABN AMRO, Royal Bank of Canada, KPMG, Société Générale, Ernst&Young.

The Position

The job holder will be based in Moscow. The role is designed to support the origination and structuring of transactions, assisting senior members on projects, managing and mentoring analysts, working on financial models and assisting in the execution of transactions.

Principal Responsibilities

· To support and assist the senior team members with preparing numeric analysis, conducting market research, and preparing written documentation in relation to various Infrastructure projects.

· Provide leadership and training to Analysts, explain financial concepts, provide modelling and presentation training. Manage and mentor the Analysts.

· Conduct numeric/modelling analysis of transactions, including but not limited to creating transaction models in Excel or other software tool as may be appropriate; build long term forecast of the project’s financial statements (balance sheet, cash flow, profit and loss) and operational projections; conduct equity return analysis; run stress scenarios/what if analysis; model & size debt and its repayable profile; provide modelling output to the relevant parties and ensure that model is well documented and explained.

· Assist senior team members with preparation of various documents, conduct relevant transaction specific or Industry specific research as requested by senior team members and maintain deal databases, project pipeline, industry contact databases etc, as requested.

· Engage in project management/negotiation activities under supervision of more senior team members.

Key Competencies & Qualifications

· Knowledge of finance and accounting. Bachelor degree or higher in finance, business or accounting. MBA is a plus

· Strong interpersonal / human relation skills

· Strong verbal and written communication skills

· Strong analytical skills

· Computer literacy; ability to work with MS office

· At least three years work experience in financial sector (banking preferred)

· Ability to create forecasts and spreadsheet models

· Team player

Please send your CV if you are interested.

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