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Analyst - TLM Capital

About our company:

  • A team of professionals with 15+ years experience in the investment industry. Have closed numerous deals worth several billion dollars

  • We work as both M&A and strategic consultants, advising our clients on business development and helping shareholders of the companies to solve their business tasks

  • We specialize on transactions in the Russian Federation with average volume of 1 to 10 billion rubles

  • Current pipeline: ~15 projects at various stages

We are looking for a strong and promising analyst, a new team member

Requirements for candidates/duties:

  • Work experience from 1-1.5 years in IB/PE/M&A

  • Sell-side/Buy-side M&A transactions support in the Russian Federation;

  • Ability to build complex financial models, justifying assumptions and results;

  • Evaluation of companies based on DCF/comparables method (multiples of traded analogues/transactions in the sector);

  • Search and analysis of industry data (conducting research on markets, competitors, trends, etc.);

  • Creating high-quality presentations (pitch, infomemo, teaser);

  • Operational transaction support (working with investors, DD, structuring)

  • Ability to work fast on several projects at different stages at the same time;

  • Knowledge of databases and ability to work with them;

  • Result-oriented

The team actually closes the deals not being bound by the traditional bureaucracy and limits of large corporations.

In a year or two of working in a company, you can get more practical experience than in several years in a large investment bank or fund.

And most importantly: real participation in the bonus pool of all project participants. No need to wait for the end of the year and the release of corporate reports to find out your bonus.

Office location – Moscow City

Please send your CV & Cover letter (with IB Club reference) to: / Roman / Sergey

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